I'm new to rugby.  Do I have to try out to make the team?

Not at all!  WSRC's goal is to introduce as many players to the sport of rugby as possible.  If you've never played before, we'll teach you all the skills and rules you need to know to begin playing in matches.


I heard rugby was like football without pads.  Is that true?

Nope!  Rugby has its own unique set of rules that differ widely from American football.  However, both sports include lots tackling, running and passing.


Do girls get to tackle too?

Absolutely!  Both boys and girls play under the same set of rules. Unlike lacross, girls play just as physical of game as the boys do.


There are no pads in rugby.  How is it safe?

The lack of pads actually encourages safer tackling practices and coaches teach "heads up" tackling which decreases the amount of concussions compared to American Football. However, injuries are always a risk when competing in any sport.


When is rugby season?

Rugby is traditionally a spring sport, where games start late April and go into early June.  However, WSRC also hosts a short fall season with only 7 player a side, instead of the full 15.  This season usually lasts from August to October.


Where are practices and home games?

Most practices and home games are held at Monon Trail Elementary, found on 19400 Tomlinson Rd, Westfield, IN.


How can I register?

Click the Player Registration tab on the right for information on how to register.


What are the post-game socials I keep hearing about?

Rugby is unique in the amount of sportsmanship displayed across all teams.  After most matches, the home team often provides a meal of sorts and encourage players from each team to mingle.


I'm a parent and want to get involved!  What can I do?

Click on the Parent Volunteer tab on the right for parent volunteer opportunities.  We almost always need parents to wash jerseys, provide food for the socials or help line the fields.

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